Kentucky CCDW Information and Classes

Center Target offers regular CCDW Classes (normally 1 Saturday class and 1 Tuesday evening class each month).   Our classes are approved through the Kentucky State Police and taught by NRA Certified Instructors*.  At the successful completion of the class, participants receive a certificate that can be submitted online to the KSP immediately with other documents and a picture you can take with your cell phone.  You could receive your CCDW Permit within 15 days!
The class will consist of about 4 to 5 hours and shooting on our indoor range.


Center Target also has DOCJT certified instructors that can provide annual LEOSA recertification for retired officers.



*CCDW Classes are NOT NRA approved classes.  They ARE approved through the Kentucky State Police.

Center Target CCDW Classes:

Sat Feb 24           10A-2P
Tue Feb 27            5P-9P

Sat Mar 17           10A-2P
Tue Mar 20           5P-9P

Sat Apr 14            10A-2P
Tue Apr 17             5P-9P

Sat May 12           10A-2P
Tue May 15            5P-9P

Sat Jun 16            10A-2P
Tue Jun 19             5P-9P

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a pistol, ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection (if you need to wear glasses, that will do), and a good attitude.  🙂

We can provide what you are missing.

To pass, you will be required to shoot 11 out of 20 shots in a target at 7 yards.   The target is a man-sized silhouette.

There is no requirement for the pistol that you use other than it must be safe to use (at the discretion of the instructor).  Any caliber is permissible (even a .22).  The instructor(s) will help you and offer suggestions if you are having trouble with your pistol.  You can even shoot a pistol from our Range Rental Counter if you need one (must purchase ammunition from the store to use our Range Rental Guns).

Yes.  Sharing a pistol is not a problem.  Although we wouldn’t suggest an entire class share the same pistol!  🙂

The law(s) concerning CCDW training classes changed to include classes other than those created by the Depart of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT), which is a minimum 6 hour class plus range time.  Our class is approved through the Kentucky State Police (KSP) to be at least 4 hours plus range time and fulfill requirements found in the KRS (Kentucky Revised Statutes – KRS 237.110).  In a DOCJT class, you go through the legal portion of the KRS.  Our class does not cover the KRS legal portion.  Both classes are KSP approved and you get the same CCDW Permit.